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Invited lecture and workshop at Vienna Medical University (AKH)

Host: Wolfgang Birkfellner, Ph.D., Head of Digital Image Processing Laboratory at the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Physics at the Medical University Vienna

  • Lecture - March 11, Monday
    • Topic: SlicerRT and a general but technical overview of 3D Slicer
    • Speaker: Csaba Pinter, MSc.
  • Workshop - March 12, Tuesday
    • Topics:
      • Build SlicerRT
      • Use Python interactor in 3D Slicer
      • Create new extension
      • Use SlicerRT (through an example use case)
      • Write modules
        • Python scripted module (computes center of mass for volumes)
        • CLI module (performs dilation or erosion)
    • Presenter: Csaba Pinter, MSc.
    • Workshop material available here