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Atlases Breakout Session

June 26th, 3-4pm

Location: Grier Rooms A & B: 34-401A & 34-401B


  • Gary Christensen
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Brad Davis
  • Florin Talos
  • Michael Halle
  • Alex. Gouaillard


Discuss among the group what topics below of are interest to discuss, and prioritize.

  • Define Slicer software infrastructure and conventions for atlases
    • Accommodating volumetric and surface based atlases
    • Providing unique identifiers per structure within any atlas
    • Providing mapping from fiducials/landmarks to unique identifiers
    • Providing a mapping from structure to unique identifier to appearance attributes such as color
    • Providing ability to visually represent related groups of structures (e.g. structures that comprise a single structural or functional system, superstructure, or designated region)
    • Incorporating existing systems of nomenclature and ontologies: (NeuroNames, FMA, BirnLex...)
    • Schemes for mapping local identifiers to names/IDs in official ontologies, (and common synonyms?)
    • Developing and representing both structural and functional relationships
    • How to perform cross-atlas indexing, combine atlas information?
    • Can/Should there eventually be a 'how-to create a slicer atlas' document?
  • Slicer-based tools that work the same for all atlases
    • mapping atlases to individuals (for overlaying experimental data or individual image data)
    • interactive tools for displaying labels in various nomenclatures on mouseover
    • interactive tools to do both point-based and region-based indexing (useful for brain?)
    • interactive tools to display and navigate hierarchical relationships between structures, superstructures and substructures
    • compatibility with web-based tools for making queries in anatomical context
    • other useful interactive tools?