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(This information is provided by Medtronic for the OpenIGTLink Community)

StealthLink 1.X:

StealthLink 1 is our released application. This API is available with our Mach Cranial, Spine Synergy, FrameLink, and LandMarX applications. The API is a simple query/retrieve interface with static data structures. The API consists of a C library available for Windows and Linux.

Data available via StealthLink 1 includes:

  • Tool transforms for multiple tools
  • Frame transforms
  • Image space to frame space registration transforms
  • Surgical plan target and entry points
  • Registration exam information
  • Working exam information (with merge transform to the registration exam)
  • Microscope information
  • Probe tip in image space
  • Functional procedure specific information

All transforms are float[4][4] and points are float[3].

StealthLink 2:

StealthLink 2 is currently under development and will initially be released with our new Cranial application (Synergy Cranial 2.2) in Spring, 2011. StealthLink 2 will build on the functionality of StealthLink 1. The API will support a query/retrieve mechanism, but will also contain a subscription mechanism for frequently updated data. The API will consist of a C++ library and will be available for Windows and Linux in its first release.

StealthLink 2 data consists of data classes and methods to enable convenient access. All data will have an optional timestamp. Available data will include:

  • Instrument
    • Name, image space tip, transforms, marker information, status information, etc.
  • Frame
    • Registration
  • Name, transforms, point sets, etc.
    • Exam
  • Image set, properties, merge transforms, etc.
    • Planning information
    • Surgical plans, segmented models
  • Footswitch status, task information, localizer data

Update (June 3, 2015)