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David Gobbi Comments

Suggested additional points for agenda:

  • Define scope of discussion:
    • standards for devices that are used for navigation
  • State of the art in 6-dof tracking: EM/Optical/ultrasonic/active/passive
    • hazards associated with each system, either with respect to accuracy or OR safety
    • particular strengths of systems wrt ergonomics, versatility, reliability, accuracy
    • emerging technologies for tracking and the roles they will play
    • development of standard interfaces and software
  • Related Technologies
    • haptics: using image information as feedback
    • virtual reality: utilizing tracking to create a virtual scene
  • Localizing and tracking soft tissue targets
    • intra-operative imaging and tracking
    • methods for direct tracking of non-rigid targets (e.g. laser scanning)
    • methods for indirect tracking of non-rigid targets (e.g. modelling of deformation)