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Anonymous feedback was solicited from attendees of the workshop. Thanks to all those who responded. We are going to do our best to incorporate as much of the feedback into future workshops.


  1. Content: Was there any material that you would have liked to see more/less of?

- More hands on example with Slicer - Discussion also of non-Image types in ITK, such as SpatialObjects, FEM or Meshes

  1. Style: Is there anything we can do/change in terms of the presentation of the material that would make it more accessible and beneficial for future attendees?

- No

  1. Duration: Would you have liked the workshop to be longer or shorter?

- longer, but ITK lessons could be done more efficient

  1. Other: Please also add any other comments that you have about the workshop.

- Great job Tina, Luis & Steve.

Namic workshop

The NAMIC workshop is very helpful for ITK beginners. Among all the presentations, I found Luis' presentations on Segmentation and Registration most interesting. From a core one point of view, it is better to extend these two sessions. the presentation about integrating ITK with slicer is also very useful.

feedback comment

The content of the conference was reasonable.

You need to discuss the danger in going from ITK to VTK, since you use the raw pointer in VTK from the ITK refernce counted "Pointer". I hope that VTK handles nicely about this. It was not clear during the presentation in how VTK handles the passed pointer.

Just the environment I like to complain ;-)

Programmers usually won't be fully awake until 10 am ;-0 The conference started too early in the morning at 8 am.

We wanted to go outside during the lunch break. Confined to one room from 8 to 5 was so stifling.

NAMIC feedback

Content: I enjoyed the ITK tutorial a lot and I really found useful the hands-on exercises. It was also useful to learn more about the NAMIC framework. I wish there were a bit less "anti-math" and "anti-grad school" remarks during the talk though.

Style: Great presentation. To the point examples.

Duration: The hours were long, so the frequent short breaks came handy. The exercises also made it much easier to sit for so long.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to attend!

I benefitted more from overall engineering discussions than following tutorial-like steps that I could have done by myself from a website or book. Maybe it would be beneficial to separate the tutorial content into a single session and allow people to skip that if they'd like.

The workshop was a decent length, but I had a hard time being ready to go at 8am and then making it through the rest of the afternoon. Starting at 10am would have been nicer. Maybe I should just learn to go to bed at a decent hour.

Overall, I enjoyed the workshop and found it worthwhile. Thanks to all the organizers and presenters!

P.S. I liked the anti-math and anti-grad school sentiments.


Great workshop.

I thought the registration and segmentation sessions were very helpful. I got less out of the slicer session probably because I have never run it before. I think the step by step run through of ITK by Luis would also be helpful for Slicer.

As I mentioned before, I think the step by step run through of various examples in ITK was very helpful for beginners. I wouldn't mind the workshop being longer. If so, perhaps it could be broken up into several sessions? So, maybe one for ITK, one for VTK and slicer?

Overall, I thought it was an excellent workshop. I really enjoy the talks, explanations and insights (no pun intended) by Luis. Thank you to Steve and Tina too.


1. Content: There was really 2 aspects to this workshop. On one hand we had the Core 1 folks have done and plan to do and on the other hand a programming/user tutorial for ITK and Slicer. The presentation of the Core 1 aspect was enjoyable but not necessary considering the limited time we had. A separate section for VTK woudl have been welcome especially for the non VTK users.

2. Style: The ITK tutorial is very well organized. The Slicer and VTK-ITK could use a bit of polishing. The presenters were very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions.

3. Duration: 2 days is too short for all of this. We needed 2 solid days only for ITK and one full day for VTK-Slicer.

4. Preparation: I think everybody had the necessary tools to be proactive during the workshop.

5. Advice for future attendees: Build ITK and Slicer, look at what ITK and VTK are if you do not already know, and load a couple volumes in slicer.

6. Other: Overall, the workshop was very useful. The presenters were experts in the tools presented and answered all questions with many insightful information. My main comment is on the duration and some content that I feel was missing. It was assumed that every attendee was familiar with VTK. It is not obvious at all that this was the case. My suggestion is that the workshop has a separate section for VTK (maybe 1/2 day), then 2 full days on ITK and finally one day to explain the connection between Slicer, VTK and ITK.