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2005.12.08 (In attendence R. Gollub, G. Gerig, R. Whitaker, S. Pujol)

Agreed upon revisions to draft program (see updated agenda: Training:DTI_Workshop)

Action Items:

  1. Ross and Guido will complete the rough outline below of the lecture content they will deliver in the morning sessions ASAP
  2. Randy and Ross to provide Guido with additional examples from collaborators and literature for him to consider for the Clinical Correlations lecture
  3. Sonia, Randy and Gordon to update Nrrd tutorial for DICOM image data
  4. Guido to complete logistics: UNC contact person info, specific room information, 2 projectors, extension cords/powerstrips, internet connections for 25 folks or at minimum the speaker, coffee for breaks
  5. Sonia w/help from NA-MIC admin core to make up pdf flyer and give to Guido to send out
  6. Next coordinating T-con is on Friday May 19th at 3PM EST/ 1PM MST
  7. Randy, Guido and Ross to meet Thursday afternoon in advance of Workshop to test out logistics etc

Outline for lectures (haha)

  1. neuroanatomy
  2. MRI physics (including acquisition parameters)
  3. Mathmatical characterization of image data
  4. Theory

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