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Agenda edited to reflect discussion and decisions

Presentations at AHM Training Core will present in two parts- a "What have we done so far" on Day 1 (Sonia, 10 min) and a "What do we propose to do next year" on Day 2 (Randy shared with Tina for Dissemination for 30 min). For the first part, we will propose that number of training events, number of attendees, solicited feedback, and if possible to capture from the wiki infrastructure, the number and distribution of tutorial material downloads be our initial metrics for training accomplishments that matter for NA-MIC. We will also attempt to capture the impact of training by developing a post-training survey tool to measure the number of new users of NA-MIC tookit and impact of training on knowledge. Randy and Sonia to develop a prototype of this survey instrument in time for AHM to get feedback prior to using it. For all future training events we will request permission from attendees to solicit this feedback. See ( If you have individual site NA-MIC supported training accomplishments to add to what we as a Core are doing, please email them to Randy and Sonia by December 19, 2005.

For the second part of our presentation we will list the following prioritized new tutorial materials to be developed in 2006:

  1. Slicer 2.6 (January 2006)
  2. Kilian Pohl's segmentation module (January 2006)
  3. Steve Pieper's registration modules (January 2006)
  4. Putting DTI data into NRRD format (February 2006)
  5. BIRND-UP de-identification software (February 2006)
  6. New NA-MIC tools developed during this year, inlcuding what is going on in Programmer's half week (March-August 2006)
  7. UNC based open source analysis software (Glyph, Fiber, Con, MRIWatcher) (as needed in time for training events listed next)
  8. Slicer 3 (users and developers) (June- December 2006)

Training activities we wish to support in 2006 are:

  1. Within NA-MIC initial delivery of an all day DTI Workshop in April or May 2006 hosted by UNC Spring 2006 NA-MIC DTI Workshop
  2. Polished version of All Day DTI Workshop delivered to the scientific community the day following OHBM in Florence Italy June 2006. Will require advance registration and a nomial fee to cover the cost of the venue.

We agreed that topics for future years that could follow this same example of teach material development include image registration, shape analysis, and statistical analysis.

We agreed that any decision regarding the allocation of Core 5 resources towards the validation/calibration efforts of NA-MIC needed further discussion. Next step will be for Randy request from Dave Tuch the opportunity to add topic of how to approach the analysis of the MIND Reliability dataset (n=10 subjects, 4 sites, test-retest DTI image data sets at each site) to the Monday Afternoon validation workshop discussion.

We did not have time to discuss this topic. Any ideas folks? Agree on a plan for collaboration with M-BIRN for development of DTI image acquisition, distortion correction methods, and post-acquisition processing tutorial materials in collaboration with Allen Song (Duke) and Susumu Mori (Johns Hopkins).

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