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If you attended the Slicer/FreeSurfer Training workshop at MGH Martinos Center on September 16, 2005, please provide us with feedback to help us improve future workshops.

"The training workshop was very well organized. Downloading, installing and successfully running 3D Slicer took less than 5min! I wasn't too familiar with Slicer, so I would have liked that at the beginning of the workshop you defined and gave a few examples in slides of what you mean by 'models'.
On the very first excercise we were told that the goal was to end up with some fancy image with multiple models, and then we were taken through the baby steps to get to that. It was smooth and easy. However, I would have liked to know, before starting to upload data, a little more of what those models where, what type of data acquisition and analyses had been run to generate them and why you may want to visualize such a thing at all. Then I would have become more anxious about getting it done. But that's just me.
Having a centralized design for uploading various types of data would be very useful, as well as having upload methods that automatically detect (guess?) data format.
Overall it was excellent and I'll continue to recommend it. Thanks to the team who put it together!" -Jorge Jovicich

"Slicer is cool, liked the hands-on see one/do one. I think the pace is good even for the uniniated because the support is so available-Nicole and Mariana really were attentive and available. I probably would have had a hard time without them on the instances where I missed a step for any reason. And it is hard not to get distracted by playing with the options available! That amounts to: ideal pace for keeping one's attention, and a little fast if anything goes awry and interrupts IF there's no Mariana or Nicole to help. imho.

One thing that did not occur to me at all at the time, but might be an interesting addition--how to 'print' from Slicer, meaning an example of sending output to a powerpoint presentation, for example. Or to a hard copy file, if there's anything important about initializing a printer to get great output.

thanks- J.B."

The course is a great one, well prepared and very informative. I like the format of the course: the goal of the course is shown first, and each step takes people a little closer to that goal. The training team did a great job on teaching people the organization of Slicer and getting people familiarized with the basic functionalities.

It was a bit surprising that people learnt Slicer so quickly and the prepared material (although very rich) is not enough for a whole day. This is partly due to Slicer's friendly user interface and well-organized modules, I guess. For the future courses, it would be helpful to stress the image analysis functionalities of Slicer in addition to its visualization power. After all, slicer is far more than a visualization tool.