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ARCTIC (Automatic Regional Cortical ThICkness) Slicer3 Tutorial


The two following tutorials will allow you to perform an individual analysis of regional cortical thickness:

  • Automatic analysis: in the ARCTIC tutorial, you will learn how to load input volumes, run the end-to-end module ARCTIC to generate cortical thickness information and display output volumes.
  • Step by step analysis: in the UNC external modules tutorial, you will be able to run individually the UNC external modules within Slicer3 in order to perform a regional cortical thickness analysis.

Roadmap project : http://www.na-mic.org/Wiki/index.php/DBP2:UNC:Regional_Cortical_Thickness_Pipeline


ARCTIC tutorial : end-to-end Slicer3 module to perform automatic regional cortical thickness analysis‏ [ppt]‏ [pdf]

UNC Modules tutorial : UNC Slicer3 modules to perform regional cortical thickness analysis step by step [ppt]‏ [pdf]‏


• Slicer3 http://www.slicer.org/pages/Downloads

• BatchMake‏ http://www.batchmake.org/batchmake/resources/software.html

Tutorial materials

BatchMake wrapper (ARCTIC_BatchMake_Wrapper_1.0)‏

Tutorial dataset(ARCTIC_Tutorial_example_1.0)

External modules (ARCTIC_Executables_1.0)

‏Pediatric atlas (UNC_Pediatric_Brain_Atlas)


Cedric Mathieu

Clement Vachet

Martin Styner

Heather Cody Hazlett