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Current Projects

Rule Based Segmentation

Status summary

Code is debugged, wrapper works

itk tests work; fixed vtk wrapper; added mask code to vtk wrapper; vtk tests work

How to build module

  • get cvs copy of slicer2
    • Scripts/genlib.tcl
    • Scripts/cmaker.tcl
  • get svn copy of NAMICSandbox
  • create a link to the RuleBasedSegmentation module within slicer2
cd slicer2/Modules
ln -s NAMICSandbox/RuleBasedSegmentation/vtkRuleBasedSegmentation vtkRuleBasedSegmentation
  • compile slicer2 with RuleBasedSegmentation module
    • Scripts/genlib.tcl


  • [fixed]Build fails---updated name in cmakelists
  • [now working] vtk test does not work---subtle templating error (false assumption) in itk code
  • images must be flipped between vtk reader/writers and itk pipeline (how many dimensions?)
  • there was a problem with readers and writers for unsigned long data type, changed to unsigned short