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NCIGT notes

To be moved to the NCIGT wiki once I get an account.

Widgets Slicer wish list

Updating Fiducial list to vtkSeedWidget

Notes from talking with Karthik, Oct 7/08

Features needed:

  • Ability to set properties per seed
  • Ability to associate a label with a seed.
  • Label visibility can be toggled on/off
  • Ability to associate (optionally) a note with a seed (Ron's request)
  • Glyps for seed shape
    • 2D
      • All the ones in vtkGlyph2D
      • StarBurst2D,
    • 3D
      • Sphere3D
      • Diamond3D
  • Nicole to check if transform is applied to the fiducials in slicer registration. Really bad idea to do so with widgets.

Distance measurement widget

  • Need distance measurement between two fiducials in 3D
  • Current distance widget in VTK is 2D. Line widget is 3D but does not report distance, ticks, labels etc. Either extend former or latter ?

Angle measurement

  • Angle between 3 fiducials in 3D
  • Angle widget in VTK is Actor2D. Need to extend that

Affine widget

  • Mega widget (will take time)
  • 6 degrees of freedom.

Live wire widget

  • Live wire widget for the editor
  • Exists in VTK HEAD Sep 08. Upgrade from VTK 5.2

Contour widget (just a wish, not urgent)

  • Use case: Pick a series of models to place in a hierarchy
  • Lasso around a bunch of objects in 3D


  • Steve and Will to talk about VTKEdge, licensing etc.
  • Paintbrushes in VTKEdge
  • GPU ray caster

Picking issue with widgets

  • Bug picking implicit plane widget.
    • Note to KK: Look at SlicerPlaneSWidget.tcl:75

Testing 3.2

Testing ImageGuidedTherapyPlanning.pdf using Slicer3.2 for linux64 on SPL workstation b2-d4_10. Bugs in bold, usability issue in italics, regular text for changes to the tutorial.

  • page 19: center 3d button needs new screen capture
  • page 31/31: missing "Set the foreground volume to language_FMRI", missing '-' in name of anatomical-MRI
  • page 43: don't need to create new command line module
  • page 46: select the registration transform: if there's room, could give the name
  • page 54: manual threshold is slow, doesn't update each time
  • page 60: don't need to create a new fid list, one is created automatically when you put down the first point
  • page 68: see comment page 43, plus, could highlight the progress bar with a red circle or the Status area where Completed will show up
  • page 70: see comment page 43
  • page 76: add "Open Hierarchy and Display pane"
  • page 88: background should be to anatomical-MRI not anatomicalMRI that you just loaded
  • page 90: extra space in "anatomical MRI"
  • page 91: again, confusion wrt "-" in anatomicalMRI name
  • page 101: see comment page 43
  • page 107: win/level not updated? no, the first one that comes up in the slice windows is just the baseline and has different values (mostly white)
  • page 113: doesn't look quite the same in my test, more noise. Add "fit to window"
  • page 114: my slice views already look like page 115
  • page 120: see comment page 60
  • page 126: turning off the glyphs made the slices go black in 2d, mouse over brought them back
  • page 134: dragging nodes is non intuitive, you have to drag the nodes over the transform to get them to go under it, it seems that you should be able to drag the node anywhere under it (over another node under the transform)
  • page 136 and 135: missing dash in anatomicalMRI name
  • page 137: when click on foreground layer to show fmri, the 2d slices update with the proper opacity right away, but the 3d view needs a mouse over to update
  • page 139: tumor model got renamed to optic_tract_L.vtk! name or ID clash when importing scene?
  • page 150: here my screen saver kicked on, and when Slicer came back, in the 2d views, only the fiducial was visible until I moused over, then the volumes became visible again. If I make the fiducial invisible, the 2d view operates as expected (Ron reported this as bug 291)