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  • Create a skeleton for IGT work-flow based module
  • Implement the first few steps involved in IGT procedure.

People involved

  • Andinet Enquobahrie (Kitware)
  • Sebastian Barre ( Kitware )
  • Stephen Aylward (Kitware)
  • Nobuhiko Hata (BWH)
  • Peter Kazanzides (JHU)


  • Slicer IGT Design document [1]
  • Slicer IGT Module : Wizard UI Design [2]

Download source code

Currently, SlicerIGT is a standalone module that needs to be build separately and then loaded to the Slicer application using a plugin mechanism. After thorough testing and validation, the module will be integrated with other Slicer Modules and be part of Slicer source tree for distribution.

Build instructions

  • Download the source code [[3]]
  • Specify your Slicer3_DIR build directory during CMake configuration
  • Build the module

If you have successfully build the module, then in your module subdirectory of your build ( SlicerIGTModuleBuild/lib/Slicer3/Modules/)you should get the shared library "IGT.dll" for windows or "" for Unix build.

How to load SlicerIGTModule to Slicer

  • Click on "Application Settings" in View menu
  • Click on "Module settings"
  • Add the path to your SlicerModule plugin


Here is a tutorial powerpoint presentation [[4]]


  • IGT Project week - 2008 [[5]]


  1. End date: December 31, 2008


  • HelloWorld Workflow based Slicer module - Use the build instructions described above [[6]]