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The 3DSlicer Registration Case Library Project

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Dominik Meier, Ron Kikinis
  • Kitware: Casey Goodlett


This work is part of a 2-year effort to supplement the 3DSlicer Registration Module with extensive set of documentation, tutorials and use case scenarios. We seek to build a comprehensive library of use cases for every form of registration challenge using 3DSlicer. Each library entry will contain a dataset along with Registration Parameter Presets and a guided tutorial on how to successfully register the images.

We also have a Registration Breakout Session on Tuesday 1-2pm (Amethyst Room). If registration is on your processing list, please drop in, have a look at what's new, and share your thoughts.

Approach, Plan

The use case library relies mainly on user contributions for content. There is an official call for datasets to all slicer users to consider a unique time-limited service for any dataset/registration problem that is not yet in the library. Users who agree to share one anonymized dataset for the library will have that dataset registered by us and the solution and strategies posted. Look here for an example of a library entry.
Our plan for the project week is to first get a survey of all projects using registration. We hope to catch most of these projects from reviewing these project description pages, so it is important that if you use registration in your procedure, please make sure to mention explicitly. We will collect as many example cases as possible, and select a few focus cases with particularly vexing registration challenges and begin to develop the appropriate tailored registration strategies.


  • List of contacts for new use cases goes here
  • insights/comments on registration settings/setting changes that made a difference go here
  • Notes re. user insights/comments/wishes on registration go here

Target Projects

The projects below have been tentatively identified as having registration ties. We will seek discussion with these projects during the week.

  • Segmentation:
  • Registration
  • IGT
    • MRI-guided Robotic Prostate Intervention (Andras Lasso and Junichi Tokuda): Transperineal device: includes registration, where accuracy should be improved; currently the registration is based on a single-slice image; it could possible to improve the accuracy by increasing the number of slices used for the registration.
  • Radiotherapy
  • Analysis
  • Informatics
    • XNAT : discussion with XNAT group re. feasibility of using XNAT central as repository for use-case library.
    • Slicer 3 XNAT Performance Tuning (Wendy P, Dan M, Tim Olson, Nicole Aucoin)
    • Processing and loading images in NRRD format.
  • Diffusion
  • NA-MIC Kit Internals
  • NA-MIC Outreach
    • Tutorial Polishing (Stuart Wallace, Randy Gollub, Sonia Pujol, all contributing tutorial contest developers): Insights/Guidelines for registration tutorials to be built.