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Key Investigators

  • Queen's: Adam Rankin
  • Queen's: Tamas Ungi


The goal is to port most of the functions from the PerkStationModule to Slicer 4. Use existing modules from SlicerIGT for a more maintainable design. Take the new mobile image overlay hardware design into account when designing this module for Slicer 4.

Approach, Plan

  • Create the "Image Overlay" module skeleton in Slicer 4.
  • Add external monitor display to the module.
  • Implement workflow based on the PerkStationModule (Calibration, Planning, Insertion, Validation)


  • Explored which existing modules can be used for this workflow
    • VolumeResliceDriver - uses input transform to drive the reslice
    • IGTWizard - allows multiple modules to be used in sequence as a workflow
  • Established proof-of-concept configuration using 3D mouse as a tracker

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered as a loadable module, part of a SlicerIGT extension.