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Key Investigators

  • Rudolph Pienaar, Ellen Grant, Daniel Haehn, Nicolas Rannou (Boston Children's Hospital)
  • Steve Pieper (Isomics Inc.)
  • Randy Gollub, Lilla Zollei, Nathaniel Reynolds (MGH)

Project Description


Approach, Plan

Right now, the multiple volumes of the training data get loaded one-by-one on demand. We want to load either everything at the beginning (maybe from a 4D dataset or separate 3D ones) or leverage webworkers to load the rest odf the data in the background while the user interacts with the page.


Draft Development Plans

Phase I: Developer Mockups

During the first half of 2013:

  • ...

Phase II: Limited Beta

During second half of 2013:

  • ...

Phase III: Authoring Tools

During 2014:

  • ...