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Key Investigators

  • Nathaniel Reynolds, Randy Gollub, Lilla Zollei (MGH)
  • Rudolph Pienaar, Ellen Grant, Daniel Haehn, Nicolas Rannou (Boston Children's Hospital)
  • Steve Pieper (Isomics Inc.)

Project Description


Approach, Plan

Right now, the multiple volumes of the training data get loaded one-by-one on demand. We want to load either everything at the beginning (maybe from a 4D dataset or separate 3D ones) or leverage webworkers to load the rest odf the data in the background while the user interacts with the page.


We leveraged Web Workers and the new developments of the XIO to download multiple MRI datasets in parallel and not interfere with operation of the main thread. An example can be found here: http://sandbox.goxtk.com/xio/ Our next move is to incorporate these developments into our Pedi-Brain Atlas Learning Prototype.

Draft Development Plans

Phase I: Developer Mockups

During the first half of 2013:

  • ...

Phase II: Limited Beta

During second half of 2013:

  • ...

Phase III: Authoring Tools

During 2014:

  • ...