2008 Summer Project Week:DWIRegistrationOMT

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OMT Deformation Grid on MRI
OMT Deformation Grid on DWI

Key Investigators

  • Allen Tannenbaum, Tauseef ur Rehman, John Melonakos (Georgia Tech)
  • Marek Kubicki, Sylvain Bouix (BWH)


  • To explore the portability of Optimal Mass Transport (OMT) Non-rigid Registration code to the NAMIC toolkit.
  • To determine applicability of OMT registration algorithm for DWI Distortion Correction.

Approach, Plan

  • Conversations with Core 2 to analyze the project
  • Discussions with Core 3 to see how to adapt the existing code for DWI Registration
  • Make a project plan


  • Currently the algorithm and registration framework is available in MATLAB
  • Preliminary results with DWI baseline image correction.
  • DWI and MRI image intensity normalization using CSF and White-Matter/Grey-Matter segmentations performed to make sure both image volumes are on same footing so that Mass Transport mapping is found without introducing structural distortions.
  • Further experiments required to fine tune the normalization step.
  • Slicer command line module created for interfacing with OMT Registration algorithm. A few issues with nrrd files being resolved.
  • Discussions with Core 2 on existing infrastructure within ITK for non-rigid registration and re-use of demons diffeomorphic registration filter framework for OMT Registration filter.