2008 Summer Project Week:ProstateSegReg

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Segmentation for prostate. Random Walk algorithm as a slicer command line module.

Key Investigators

  • Allen Tannenbaum, Yi Gao, Georgia Tech
  • Gabor Fichtinger, Purang Abolmaesumi, Siddharth Vikal, David Gobbi, Queen's University
  • Luis Ibanez, Kitware


  • To integrate current segmentation algorithm into the software environment being used by Core 3 people.
  • Discuss the scenario for the next step's registration of prostates.

Approach, Plan

Currently the algorithms have been implemented either in ITK or local C++ code. We'll discuss with Core 3 collaborators to put that into the software they are using to help with the segmentation work.


During the project week:

  • done: 3D Random Walk Segmentation Slicer3 command line module.
  • done: Conformal Flattening ITK filter plugged in Slicer3 as a command line module.