2008 Winter Project Week Batchmake Update

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Owner: Julien Jomier

Time: Wed, Jan 9th, 3-4pm



  • Introduction to BatchMake: Design and Infrastructure
  • BatchMake and Grid Computing
  • Current BatchMake status
    • Support for grid computing (Condor)
    • Integration with MIDAS
    • BatchMake with Slicer
      • Command Line Module hooks for BatchMake
  • Suggestions for future releases
    • Plans for integration with XNAT, UCSD grid software
    • Data providence (recording where data came from and what has been done to it)
    • Integration with Slicer
      • Monitoring/controlling a batch process from Slicer
      • Batchmake scripting from within Slicer (via Python?)
      • Retrieving data from XNAT
        • Accessing data using CURL
        • Specifying URLs to data in XCEDE


Please add your name below, if your plan on attending.

  • Julien Jomier
  • Alex hanfei Gouaillard
  • Bill Lorensen
  • Ron Kikinis
  • Jim Miller
  • Steve Pieper
  • Will Schroeder
  • Stephen Aylward
  • Dan Marcus
  • Jeremy Bockholt
  • Mark Scully
  • Clement Vachet
  • Francois Budin