2009 Winter Project Week OMTRegistration

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OMT Deformation Grid on MRI
OMT Deformation Grid on DWI

Key Investigators

  • Allen Tannenbaum, Tauseef ur Rehman, Ivan Kolesov(Georgia Tech)
  • Marek Kubicki, Sylvain Bouix (BWH)


To determine applicability of OMT registration algorithm for DWI Distortion Correction.

Approach, Plan

  • Work with Core 3 to obtain an accurate white matter segmentation from both DWI and MRI datasets
  • Investigate different methods for normalizing intensity profiles for MRI and DWI images to setup the problem for mass transport based registration
  • Work with Core 3 to compare results with other approaches
  • Apply the localized intensity normalization approach to 3D datasets


  • Currently the algorithm and registration framework is available in MATLAB
  • Localized intensity normalization using windowing approach developed and tested in 2D


Optimal Mass Transport Registration Project Page