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Tractography Validation Beadeker

Algorithm specific presentations

    • 9:35 Sonia Pujol (BWH) Streamline Tractography in Slicer 2.7 using ROI and Whole Brain Seeding
    • 9:45 Sylvain Gouttard (Utah) FiberViewer
    • 9:55 Casey Goodlett (Utah) DTI Atlas
    • 10:05 John Melonakos (Georgia Tech) Geodesic Tractography Segmentation (slides)
    • 10:15 Tri Ngo (MIT/BWH) Stochastic Tractography (slides)
    • 10:25 Vince Magnotta (UIowa) GTract

10:35am: Coffee break

    • 11:00 Tom Fletcher (Utah) Volumetric Connectivity (slides)
    • 11:10 Sonia Pujol (BWH) Cross algorithm summary statistics

Discussion, future planning

    • 11:25 CF Westin to kick-off discussion of Tractography results with summarizing ideas. Meeting Notes

12:00pm: Lunch

    • 1:00- 1:20pm Presentation of current status of Slicer 3 DTI infrastructure (Alex Yarmarkovich)Slicer3 DTI status
    • 1:20-1:30pm Dan Marcus to gather requirements to post this dataset for consideration of whether this is an XNATophilic project
    • 1:30- 3:00pm Continue discussion of Tractography results with focus on:
      • Data formats and coordinate system requirements/guidelines/recommendations
      • Quality control methods and implementation
      • ROIs: what works, what doesn't, what to do?
      • Registration &/or resampling to support visit 1- visit 2 analysis and group analysis
      • Freesurfer to B0 transform for white matter mask
      • Quantification of registration error and its propagation forward and impact on final results
      • Plans for data sharing curation and timeline (integration with XNAT project, should we make plans for a NAMIC sponsored MICCAI event: Tractography Grand Challenge e.g. the one done last year for segmentation? See http://mbi.dkfz-heidelberg.de/grand-challenge2007/)
      • Outcome metrics and how to best frame scientific questions for this project, steps towards manuscript preparation, milestones for spring 2008 and for Programming Week in June

3pm: coffee break

  • 3-4PM Batchmake break-out session
    • 4:00pm Guido to lead discussion of "NAMIC software infrastructure for DWI analysis" to clarify what the community expects from a powerful NAMIC DWI Analysis toolkit and identify areas of high priority development, keeping in mind the work already done by Alex (see 1 PM talk).
      • Identify and agree upon essential processing steps (pipeline) necessary for clinical DTI studies
      • Identify Core-1 modules and methods that are a) recently integrated, b) ready to be integrated, c) in development
      • Integrate with other on-going efforts

Meeting Notes

Notes of Tractography Meeting Jan 9, 2008: Meeting Notes

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