2010 Summer Project Week Breakout Session:QA Training

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Session Leader: Luis Ibanez



  • Economics of Software Development
    • The Cost of Development
    • Cost of Ownership
    • Maintenance Cost
  • Test Driven Development Crash Course
    • Write the Test First
    • Seriously, Write the Test First
    • Ten horrible deaths for developers who don't write the test first
  • Clean Code
    • The Golden Rule: leave it cleaner
  • The Illusion of Progress
    • Why Feature Creep is a crippling dissease


  • Code Coverage
    • And why you will die young if you don't do it.
    • Five lame excuses that you can no longer use to justify lazy behavior
  • Dynamic Analysis (The House of Horrors)
    • Uninitialized variables (Zombies)
    • Memory leaks (Vampires)


  • How to run Code Coverage in Slicer & Modules
  • How to run Valgrind in Slicer & Modules