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Volume rendering of the spine in the challenge data set


  • This is the first in a series of challenges which aim at improving our set of robust interactive segmentation tools.

The Challenge

  • Provide a tool in 3D Slicer which will segment vertebrae. It is expected that each vertebra is individually and fully labelled.
  • the algorithm can be developed using the data below
  • the algorithm will be tested using a different ct data set of comparable quality.
  • The algorithm can be semi-automated. It is acceptable to ask the user to point to one or more vertebrae or other structures.
  • The algorithm must comply with "Rons Rules For Tools".


  • Deliver your solution to Ron (contact by email) by May 31 2011
    • Plug-in for Slicer using the Slicer license
    • Directions on how to use

  • The best solution will be awarded a prize of USD 500.-
  • Definition of "best":
    • Compliant with Rons Rules for Tools. Slicer license strongly preferred.
    • Outer boundaries of the vertebral body correspond to the visible boundaries
    • Clean separation from adjacent vertebrae, ribs (if present) and intervertebral disks
    • Full segmentation of the transverse, spinous, and other processes.
    • 2-3 vertebrae will be segmented by Ron on his laptop using your tool on Rons CT data sets. The data sets will be of a quality comparable to the test data sets.
    • During the test phase thoracic or lumbar vertebrae will be used. The cervical vertebrae will not be used.

Sample data set

Individual vertebrae have been manually segmented in the abdominal atlas

Atlas reference

If you need anatomical knowledge, please download [1] which contains some individually labeled vertebrae.

To learn about regional differences among healthy vertebrae see the following wikipedia entries:

Radnostics Spine Segmentation

Winning Project

The winning project of the 2011 segment-a-spine-challenge is

Radnostics Spine Segmentation And Osteoporosis Screening in CT by