2011 Winter Project Week:64bit Windows Builds

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Key Investigators

  • Kitware: David Partyka


Upgrade components of Slicer as necessary so that Slicer can be deployed as a 64bit Windows application.

Approach, Plan

There are several fronts that needs to be investigated.

  • Updating all prebuilt tcl libraries to also include 64bit versions.
  • Discuss what to do about ITK3. It can be compiled 64bit but infact doesn't actually support loading data >4GB.


Several discussions have occurred particularly regarding the fact that ITK4 now has support for loading large data. Further discussion is needed to see how Slicer may want to move forward with moving to ITK4.


Delivery Mechanism

This work will be incorporated into Slicer allowing us to provide 64 bit Windows binaries during release cycles.