2011 Winter Project Week:BreakoutHD UNC Utah

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  • DTI data processing for large HD database
    • DTIprep for preprocessing, feedback through NITRC, Mark/Joy/Mahshid/Clement responsive
    • Coordinate space:
      • Currently via structural MRI, ACPC => propagated to DWI, gtract code that
      • Could this be added to DTIPrep, 7 parameter registration to sMRI/T1 and apply to direction cosines & grad directions in DWI
    • DTI Atlas building, using multi-res fluid flow approach, greedy LDDMM, or group-wise averaging via b-splines (Golland), already in DTIPrep used for B0 computation
    • DTI tractography in atlas space
    • Fiber resampling in subject space (fiberprocess)
      • new tool by Anuja, on NITRC DTI Fiber Tract statistics, uses along fiber kernel regression
      • How can plane be defined in Slicer? Talk to Steve Piper
      • need to change to full vtk support, and CLP


  • Hans Johnson (Iowa)
  • Mark Scully (Iowa)
  • Joy Matsui (Iowa)
  • Vince Magnotta (Iowa)
  • Martin Styner (UNC)
  • Clement Vachet (UNC)
  • Guido Gerig (Utah)
  • Sylvain Gouttard (Utah)
  • Anuja Sharma (Utah)