2011 Winter Project Week:Breakout DTI

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Agenda breakout session: Next generation diffusion MRI in slicer

Session Leaders: Hans Johnson, C-F Westin

Wednesday 10:30-11:30

Progress during the past year (Hans Johnson)

  • Summary of plans and progress for the past year
  • Status on diffusion file formats (Nrrd, Nifti, fiber file formats)
  • What was planned but not completed
  • Plans for the near future: Driving Biological Problem Huntington’s Disease (longitudinal multimodal group study)

Plans and wish-list for Slicer 4 (C-F Westin) [| Slides]

  • Diffusion in Slicer 4
  • Beyond Diffusion Tensors
  • Diffusion MRI wizards and slicerlets
  • Example of alternative diffusion software packages, what can we learn? (demo by Demian Wassermann)
  • Compile wish-list (bring your wish-list)