2011 Winter Project Week:DicomToNrrdTestSuite

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Key Investigators

  • UIowa: Hans Johnson, Mark Scully, Joy Matsui
  • UNC: Zach Mullen
  • GE: Xiaodong Tao


Create a full regression test suite for DicomToNrrdConverter that has examples from all supported image types and any unsupported image types that can be found.

Approach, Plan

  • Gather DWI series that represent all known variations.
  • Make the data available on Midas so that it can be fetched from CMake for running the test suite.
  • Create the regression tests.


  • Many DWI series types have been collected and incorporated into a regression test suite a UIowa.
  • A DWI dicom anonymizer was written and used to anonymize the regression test suite. Currently comparing results to gdcmanon.
  • The test suite data will soon be available on MIDAS and as soon as it is DicomToNrrdConverter will pull its testing data from there.