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Key Investigators

  • Junichi Tokuda
  • Nobuhiko Hata


  • Release OpenIGTLink Library version 2 beta
    • Review the protocol version 2
    • Class implementation
    • CTest
    • Part of Engineering effort in NCIGT Computational Core

Approach, Plan

We will finalize drafting OpenIGTLink version 2 protocol and implementation of version 2 library.

  • The header format will not be changed.
  • Simple querying mechanism is defined. See querying mechanism in version 2.
  • The protocol version 2 continue to focus on message formats. Supporting tools (simulators and interfaces for specific applications e.g. 3D Slicer, Matlab) and transportation layer (use of UDP or other network communication middleware) should be discussed separately.

The draft of the protocol is available at OpenIGTLink protocol version 2 draft page.


We worked on C-implementation of the following message types:

  • SENSOR (100%)
    • Implementation of SENSOR type includes UNIT field, which support units defined by the International System of Units (SI).
  • STRING (100%)
  • NDARRAY (100%)
  • BIND (50%)
  • POLYDATA (10%)

The all codes are currently stored in: http://svn.na-mic.org/NAMICSandBox/trunk/OpenIGTLink2_beta


  • Tokuda J, Fischer GS, Papademetris X, Yaniv Z, Ibanez L, Cheng P, Liu H, Blevins J, Arata J, Golby A, Kapur T, Pieper S, Burdette EC, Fichtinger G, Tempany CM, Hata N, OpenIGTLink: An Open Network Protocol for Image-Guided Therapy Environment, Int J Med Robot Comput Assist Surg, 2009