2011 Winter Project Week:Slicer IGT Looking Forward

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The session will be held from 2:30PM on Wednesday, January 12

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Noby Hata, Laurent Chauvin,Junichi Tokuda, Andriy Fedorov
  • Queens: Andras Lasso, Tamas Ungi
  • Robarts: Martin Rajchl, Feng Li
  • PSI:Vladimir M. Nikonovskiy
  • Kitware: Danielle Pace


To define objectives for Slicer IGT for the next five years...

Approach, Plan

Invite IGT researcher to a brain storming session on 230pm, on Wednesday, and discuss (updated) unmet needs in Slicer.


The meeting was successfully held with 10+ participants. The following issue was noted

  • Ascension tracker === currently using IGSTK, with OpenIGTLink. coding into the module necessary? it is necessary for new users.
  • Streaming data is not well supported, should be more supported. Video data. 4D US. Ultrasonix. Hardcode. OpenIGTLink may not be a viable option.
  • Transparent switching bteween shared memory is a good idea! OpenIGTLink defines only message format and may be useful for shared memory interface.
  • Customization of module
  • Handling financial proper way is tricky.
  • New Workflow management proposed from BWH team. Use Bundle of "modules" instead of coding subcomponents in the workflow mechanism. The added value of this approach is that the it facilitates IGT investigators to share "codes" and "method." Otherwise, we are duplicating codes across the modules.
  • Performance.
  • DICOM listner/Database/query/retrieve (something equivalent to OsiriX)
  • Support for sparse images
  • MRML with time stamp attributes (Junichi and Tamas have worked during the week.)
  • Automatic detection: needle detection, venticle detection, virtual fixture, etc.
  • Time-series feature.

Delivery Mechanism