2011 Winter Project Week:TransformRecorderAndProcedureAnnotation

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Key Investigators

  • Tamas Ungi, Queen's University
  • Junichi Tokuda, Brigham and Women's Hospital


We are developing a Slicer module to record the tracking data of multiple tools, and to provide GUI for real-time annotation (text input) of the recorded (surgical) procedures. Tools would be tracked through OpenIGTLink, and recorded data would be stored in xml files. If time allows, we will work on a module that reads the xml files, replays the recorded procedure with models, and enables off-line annotation or evaluation.

Approach, Plan

We would provide user interface to set up the tracked transforms for different tools. A custom number of annotation messages would also be made possible. The user would add these preset messages to the recoding with a single mouse click.


Software for the Perk Station has been implemented. The features should be made more general to make it easy to use by other groups and for other projects.

During the project week, we have enhanced the TransformRecorder module with the following features:

  • Reads timestamp directly from the OpenIGTLink Connector node, for accuracy.
  • Can record transforms from multiple devices at the same time.
  • Customizable text annotation panel.

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a built-in Slicer module.

Source code available in the NA-MIC Sandbox:


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