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Key Investigators

  • UIowa: Hans Johnson, Mark Scully, Joy Matsui
  • Kitware: Zach Mullen


Share the UIowa Travelling Human Phantom data with NAMIC.

Approach, Plan

Examine options available for sharing the data, Midas, XNAT, etc, then select the most appropriate and make the data available.


The data has been collected and consists of 5 subjects and a ball phantom at 8 sites, with high resolution T1 and T2s, two 72 direction DWI scans, four DWI 32 direction scans, and field maps.

It was determined that the current XNAT is the most appropriate way to distribute and the data is available here: https://www.predict-hd.net/xnat

Email Hans Johnson a filled out version of the data request template to apply for access to the project. File:DWI TemplateDataRequest.doc