2013 Project Week:Imaging Genetic for Stroke

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Key Investigators

  • Adrian Dalca, Kayhan Batmanghelich, Polina Golland, MIT
  • Natalia Rost, Jonathan Rosand, MGH

Project Description


We want to explore an imaging genetics model and identify (potentially continuous) phenotypes in stroke patients. Combined with the WMH segmentation, we will start with WMH-based imaging phenotypes.

Approach, Plan

  • Run through the WMH pipeline.
  • Construct distribution map of WMH
  • Explore clustering of WMH
  • Expand/Explore current imaging genetics model developed in our lab with above phenotypes and stroke dataset genotypes.


  • Almost completed the WMH pipeline.
  • Discussed with several members about white matter hyperintensity and our images
  • Discussed about possibility of processing imaging genetics models on the web to facilitate easier interaction for biologists.
  • This project is mostly explorative at this point. We got good feedback, and with the WMH pipeline almost done, we are about to explore several WMH-related phenotypes with our new imaging genetics model.