2013 Project Week:MRIAblation

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Laurent Chauvin, Noby Hata, Hatsuho Mamata, Alex Golby


The goal is to automatically monitor tissues temperature (visually and graphically) using phase images during laser ablation intervention. Fiducials could also be placed to monitor temperature evolution at a specific location (tip of the probe, important structures, etc...)

Approach, Plan

  • Read phase images
  • Compute thermal images
  • Display temperature evolution


  • Basics functionalities are implemented, but the module is not very flexible (cannot read raw siemens header information, e.g. image size, data type, etc...).
  • Video
  • Added widget to define image properties (size, spacing, origin)

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be a Slicer4 module, maybe extension.

  • To investigator appropriate distribution mechanism. Extension manager? What is the expected level of quality? Who should I talk to ? Multi-OS support needed? What level of documentation is need. We are ready to distribute this module to open source community, but we are not familiar with the up-to-date distribution mechanism.