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Key Investigators

  • Nicole Aucoin, BWH

Project Description


  • Combine the functionality of Slicer3 Fiducials module with Slicer4 Annotations module

Approach, Plan

  • incorporate bug fixes/feature requests from mantis

Mantis issues


  • Before Project Week:
    • initial work to develop base mrml classes
      • using lists internal to mrml nodes instead of hierarchy nodes
      • single file for multiple fiducials points
      • split displayable managers into 2d and 3d
      • sketched out a new GUI using a table widget rather than a tree widget
  • During Project Week:
    • Added:
      • use of list name as base name for new fiducial
      • scroll table to location of newly added fiducial
      • click on table row to jump slices to fiducial location
    • Discussion with Andrey to get initial UI feedback
      • jump to fiducial
      • multi fiducial operations
      • apply features from table in Save Data Widget)
    • Discussion with JC about how to integrate work into Slicer to minimise disruption
    • Debugging of displayable managers, updating with recent bug fixes in Annotations for light box mode
      • don't react to seed widget events unless user is moving it
      • unify lightbox calculations
      • glyph management