2013 Project Week:RobotizedUltrasoundProbeFor3DVolumeReconstruction

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Laurent Chauvin, Noby Hata


The goal is to develop software for robotized ultrasound probe for 3D volume reconstruction. The idea is to acquire 3D volumetric image with 2D ultrasound probe actuated by a robotic device for image-guided interventions. The 3D volume would be updated over the time as the probe is acquiring 3D image during procedure.

Approach, Plan

  • The actuated probe will be developed by Dr. Song at BWH ( and NITRO Library).
  • Two-dimensional ultrasound image will be captured along with the probe position measured by the encoders of the actuated probe.
  • Image capture could be done with video frame grabber or PLUS library
  • The image and the probe position are transferred to 3D Slicer via OpenIGTLink.
  • Create Slicer module / extension for volume reconstruction
  • Calibrate probe and acquire images (maybe with PLUS library?)


  • Discussed with Tamas, Junichi, Adam and Csaba about PLUS and Ultrasound in general
  • Started PLUS installation on Mac OSX 10.8

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be a Slicer4 module, maybe extension.

  • To investigator appropriate distribution mechanism. Extension manager? What is the expected level of quality? Who should I talk to ? Multi-OS support needed? What level of documentation is need. We are ready to distribute this module to open source community, but we are not familiar with the up-to-date distribution mechanism.