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Key Investigators

Josh Cates, Salma Bengali

Project Description

We will finalize documentation for the CARMA Slicer Extension. This is a comprehensive effort to finish documentation for all aspects of the CARMA DBP through a single unified web page. Detailed documentation on the Slicer wiki and tutorials and data from the NAMIC Wiki, for example, will all be linked and accessible through this page.


  • To establish an effect web presence for the CARMA DBP that (1) introduces the DBP and our Slicer Code and (2) organizes and directs users (naive and experienced) to the existing tutorials, Wiki pages, and code.

Approach, Plan

  • Finalize design of web page
  • Collect and link pointers to tutorials, documentation and code
  • Link the new page from the CARMA CMR Toolkit extension page and other important portals (e.g. the NAMIC Wiki, the SCI web pages, the CARMA web pages, etc.)


  • The web page is in place and linked from the CMR Extension documentation.

Access the web page here.