2014 Project Week:External Beam Planning

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Key Investigators

  • Princess Margaret Cancer Center: Kevin Wang
  • MGH: Greg Sharp
  • Queen's: Csaba Pinter

Project Description


  • Review the current status of external beam planning module
  • Create beam visualization with configurable collimators
  • Refactor the beams/external beam planning modules to remove the redundancy

Approach, Plan

  • supports 3 types of collimator (fixed, MLC and custom)
    • fixed can be modeled by rectangle/circle
    • MLC can be modeled by a list of points on Y1 and Y2
    • custom type can be modeled by contour/labelmap


  • implemented the multi-leaf collimator (MLC) model in the beam module.
  • this model allows visualization of simple beam geometry. (without islands, only one contour)
  • fixed a few small bugs and rearranged the gui.
  • future plan: 1.implement a transform class to model the complete IEC coordinate system using for Linac. 2.refactor beams module visualization.