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Key Investigators

  • Utah: Salma Bengali, Josh Cates
An example of a thresholded isosurface. Blue: Below threshold, Green: Above threshold, White: Highest intensity


  • The workflow at CARMA for generating fibrosis scores for patients involves creating an isosurface of the left atrium wall, with regions of scar overlaid. We have a preliminary module for visualization of scar / fibrosis, but need to expand with additional color maps. We would also like to add the calculation of the percent of scar in the left atrium wall.

Approach, Plan

  1. Build slicer module for visualization of (1) fibrosis and (2) scar with custom color maps


  1. We have discussed with Nicole and have decided to add a custom color map that will be included with our extension. An example of what the wall model will look like is shown above.
  2. The percentage of scar in the wall will be calculated and updated as the user changes the intensity threshold.

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be added to what is already available as a Slicer loadable module.