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Key Investigators

  • Junichi Tokuda (BWH)
  • Steve Piper (Isomics)
  • Andras Lasso (Queen's)

Project Description


  • Incorporate new data converters, which have not been implemented in Slicer OpenIGTLink IF module.
  • Brainstorming for grant proposal.

Approach, Plan

  • Data converters in OpeniGTLink IF module:
    • String (currently in OpenIGTLink Remote)
    • Sensors (implemented in Robot Interface Module (currently in private repository))
    • Capability
  • Brainstorming for grant proposal.
    • Infrastructure for real-time data streaming (for realtime imaging, fast tracking)
    • Definition of communication schemes in real-time imaging, research interface in navigation systems, and robotic devices


  • Identified data types available outside the module
    • Sensor (corresponds to vtkMRMLIGTLSensorNode)
    • Status (corresponds to vtkMRMLIGTLStatusNode)
    • String (corresponds to vtkMRMLIGTLStringNode)
    • Trajectory (corresponds to vtkMRMLAnnotationTextNode)
  • Submitted feature request in Slicer Bug Tracking
  • The updated code is in GitHub
  • To include it in the main repository, we need to make sure other modules that depend on OpenIGTLink can be compiled with the version.