2014 Project Week:Registration Evaluation

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Key Investigators

  • Princess Margaret Cancer Center: Kevin Wang
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper

Project Description


  • Currently the rigid registration in Slicer lacks the ability to interactively perform the registration. the project aims to develop some common set of features that are useful for across a wide range of workflow that will use rigid registration.
  • Common layout set up.
  • Common colortable set up.
  • Common user interaction for translation and rotation.
  • Common landmark based registration toolsets.
  • Common image based registration toolsets.

Approach, Plan

  • Discuss with Steve and others on how to integrate the existing layout/colortable/landmark management in the landgmark registration module.
  • refactor the common set of features.
  • use the new common set of features in MRgRT workflow.


  • discussed with Steve on features which can be reused for interactive registration.
  • reused Steve's landmark registration visualization widget in MRgRT registration module.
  • implemented a translation|rotation widget for rigid interactive registration. disucssed with Steve to see if this feature can be refactored to be reused by the transform module.