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Key Investigators

  • Alexis Girault, Francois Budin, Beatriz Paniagua, Martin Styner (UNC NIRAL)

Project Description


  • We developed a tool to visualize and interact with multiple vtk surfaces at the same time, in order to easily compare them.
  • There are still some features we would like to develop and some small bugs we need to correct.
  • This tool is already compiled as a CLI module. We now plan to integrate this tool as a Slicer4 extension to make it available easily to the entire Slicer community.

Approach, Plan

  • Present this tool to the NA-MIC community and expect reviews to develop the last features and correct bugs.
  • Integration of this tool as Slicer4 extension


  • Debugging and adding new features done. Version 1.3.2 ready for release.
  • ShapePopulationViewer works as a Slicer Extension on Linux, Mac OS and Windows, through the ExperimentalUpload.
  • ShapePopulationViewer Extension Description file (s4ext) merged on Github to Slicer ExtensionsIndex remote repo.
  • Documentation page added on Slicer Extensions wiki there