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Key Investigators

Jessica Forbes, Hans Johnson, University of Iowa

Project Description

A semi-automated method to segment and identify calcium plaques in coronary arteries in order to calculate the Agatston score (a measurement used to determine coronary artery disease and treatment).

Material for the Slicer 4.3.1 Agatston Score Module:

File:CardiacAgatstonMeasures TutorialContestSummer2014.zip

File:TutorialContest CardiacAgatstonScoring 2014.pdf


  • Segment calcium plaques
  • Calculate a calcium score and label statistics
  • Complete tutorial

Approach, Plan

  • Threshold cardiac CT using minimum intensity threshold
  • Use SimpleITK to calculate Agatston scores and label statists


  • Added the module as an extension to the Extension Manager in Slicer builds after 06-25-14
  • Mostly finished the extension tutorial
  • Presented tutorial in the tutorial contest