2014 Summer Project Week:Cardiac-Congenital

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Key Investigators

  • Danielle Pace, MIT
  • Adrian Dalca, MIT
  • Polina Golland, MIT

Project Description

This project involves semi-automatic segmentation of gated 3D magnetic resonance images of hearts with congenital heart defects. Our aim is to create patient-specific heart models for surgical planning, which can be viewed either graphically on a computer, or with a 3D printer to create a physical model for surgeons.

We have had initial success in significantly reducing segmentation time with the following pipeline: 1) User manually segments ~10 axial slices 2) Segment the remaining slices using patch-based majority voting.


  • Continue testing the patch based methods on an additional five datasets.
  • Address main remaining challenge: segmenting thin interior heart walls.

Approach, Plan

  • Manually segment ~10 axial slices for each of the five additional datasets.
  • Explore remaining parameters for the patch-based segmentation: e.g. weighted voting, varying k in k-nearest neighbors patch lookup


  • Did manual initial segmentations and and ran patch-based segmentation on additional datasets.