2014 Summer Project Week:Contours

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Key Investigators


Project Description

Continue on from the 2014 winter discussion and potentially integrate Contours into the core


  • Ensure current implementation is satisfactory
    • Some cleanup required (variable names, etc...)
    • Current storage node implementation does not support Slicer packaged save
      • Minor fix to use this->FileNameList instead of member variables
  • Discuss any additional features to implement
    • Determination of a source representation?
      • Ideally the ROI points should always be source, and edits are propagated back to the ROI points
    • ...
  • Prepare a pathway to core integration (maybe)
    • Agree on the role of contours in the core

Approach, Plan

  • Perform code cleanup, ensure passing tests
  • Use breakout session as discussion platform
    • Desired features
    • Roadmap for core integration
  • Implement discussed changes


  • Fixes and improvements in the contours implementation
  • Breakout session discussion
    • Main questions have been answered!
  • Discussion with Andriy
    • DICOM Seg Import/Export basic implementation ready - should be added as a DICOM import/export module in Slicer core
    • Segmentation objects used in DICOM Structured Reports
      • Every segment has a UID
      • Tracking the segments of the same structures is necessary throughout the process (multiple patients scanned at multiple time points)
      • Color table improvements needed: decouple color from name and UID (which needs to be added)
      • Segments in vtkMRMLSegmentationNode should be struct's containing the representations AND metadata (dictionsry containing UID etc.)
      • Editor should be able to make sure Study1's liver is the same liver as in Study2
      • Subject hierarchy plugins should be sensitive to reporting related objects
      • Permissions - log in as user (look at PerkTutor)
    • Convention should be created for naming DICOM objects