2014 Summer Project Week:DICOM-SRO import

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Key Investigators

  • Kevin Wang (Princess Margaret Cancer Center)

Project Description


  • Currently we have implemented a dicom plugin module in SlicerRT extension to import DICOM-SRO object (both linear and deformable)
  • The goal is to migrate this module into Slicer trunk to facilitate more native support for Dicom object handling for QIICR project.

Approach, Plan

  • Create a new branch for DICOM-SRO import.
  • make code comply with Slicer style.
  • discuss and present to others at project week.
  • integrate into trunk.


  • TBA


  • SlicerRT ticket to track development of importing DICOM-SRO: [1]
  • Slicer ticket to track development: [2]