2014 Summer Project Week:DICOM-SRO import/export

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Key Investigators

  • Kevin Wang (Princess Margaret Cancer Center)
  • Greg Sharp (MGH)

Project Description

Currently we have implemented a dicom plugin module in SlicerRT extension to import DICOM-SRO object (both linear and deformable). we have also implemented a dicom SRO export module in SlicerRT (only linear transformation supported).


  • The goal is to test all the two modules to see if they can be useful for the QIICR project so that it would be migrated into slicer trunk.
  • another goal is to investigate the implementation of dicom export of deformable SRO.

Approach, Plan

  • discuss and present to others at project week.
  • work with Greg on implementation of dicom deformable SRO export.


  • made an example dicom sro file using our export module for Andriy to test.
  • dicussed with Andriy about dicom sro import.
  • worked with Greg on deformable sro export however met some problems and need a bit help for dicom experts.
  • to do: will arrange a meeting with Andriy and other dicom experts to discuss how to implement deformable export.


  • SlicerRT ticket to track development of importing DICOM-SRO: [1]
  • Slicer ticket to track development: [2]