2014 Summer Project Week:Image guided neuroendoscope

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Key Investigators

  • Keryn Palmer

Project Description

To develop a realistic story board for image guided skull base neuroendoscopic surgery


  • to develop store

Approach, Plan

  • To understand what extension modules are available for vessel segmentation.
  • Make skull base artery models
  • make virtual endoscopy view for endoscopic navagations
  • using "scene based story board" Ron once showed Noby to make online-tutorial
  • To solicit inputs from Neurosurgeons
  • (after the project week) To present the tutorial to our industrial collaborators


  • Vessel segmentation completed using thresholding in editor module
  • Models created of ventricles and arteries
  • Created endoscopy flythrough
  • Created data store with all aspects to share with collaborators