2014 Summer Project Week:ManualSegmentationQA

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Key Investigators

  • IOWA: Dave Welch, Hans Johnson

Project Description


  • Create a Slicer module/extension to connect to a segmentation database and que 'bad' segmentations for QA raters review and editing

Approach, Plan

  • Identify bad segmentations from PostgreSQL database of QA reviews
  • Load corresponding label map, T1, and T2 (if available)
  • Color label map s.t. 'good' labels are in green and bad labels in high-contrast colors
  • Include Editor widgets within module for label manipulation
  • Give users ability to:
    • leave bad regions unchanged with confirmation
    • edit good regions if desired
    • leave notes in database
    • toggle specific regions on/off in scene


  • Complete
  • TODO: reviewers have requested hotkeys similar to Slicer 3 for Editor which we haven't implemented yet
  • TODO: Integrate with Subject Hierarchy module