2014 Summer Project Week:Proton pencil beam

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Key Investigators

  • Maxime Desplanques, MGH / Politecnico di Milano
  • Kevin Wang, PMH
  • Greg Sharp, MGH

Project Description


  • The proton dose calculation module currently supports only a ray-trace algorithm
  • A pencil-beam algorithm that properly models lateral scattering has been developed

Approach, Plan

  • Several stages of development are needed:
    • Add dose calculation algorithm selection widget to UI
    • Add beam modeling options to UI
    • Hook up calculation methods to new UI widgets
    • Adapt the Proton Pencil Beam Algorithm to a Photon Beam Algorithm


  • The Proton Beam Algorithm was adapted to photons
  • The hierarchy for Proton/Photon Beam parameters/widgets in the interface was discussed
  • Some parameters/widgets from the interface were hooked to the algorithms. The other ones will be hooked in the next days