2014 Summer Project Week:Software Platform for Robotic Surgery

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Key Investigators

  • Yangming Li, Blake Hannaford, Biorobotics Lab., University of Washington

Project Description


  • Build a navigation system for the Raven robot, which is a 7-DOF cable-actuated surgical manipulator designed for use in either MIS or open surgery.
  • Build the map through the fusion of CT, MRI scans and surgeons’ diagnoses.
  • Automatically search the optimal path for the surgical robot.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for surgeons' supervision on the surgical robot's behavior.

Approach, Plan

  • Learn about the capabilities of 3D Slicer, OpenIGTLink, tissue-labeling, and registration in the context of skull base surgery.


  • Know the capabilities of 3D Slicer.
  • Understand how to communicate between hardware and 3D slicer.
  • Know some of the cutting-edge techniques on the segmentation and registration problems.
  • Found the possible solutions to our problems, 3D Slicer and other awesome tools, such as freesurfer, fsl, Brainstools, bet, bse, robex and more.